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Competitive, Durable and Formidable

Honda’s next generation CRF250R has a brand new DOHC engine, revised geometry including a lower center of gravity for improved stability and traction as well as a re-designed dual exhaust and intake system, making it Honda’s most competitive, durable and formidable 250cc race machine to date.

The 2018 CRF250s performance parameters, in terms of output and handling ability, have been completely revised and elevated with only one aim in mind; to put a winning machine in the hands of those who can win.

The new DOHC engine gives the 2018 CRF250R a 9% power increase with its over-square bore and stroke, bigger valves and revised inlet/exhaust setup makes a hefty 4kW more power up top, for far longer, with extended over-rev and higher redline. Out of the gate, and lap after lap, the 18YM CRF250R is built to pull out an advantage and cut lap times.

The CRF250R’s new fully mass-centralised chassis – identical to the current 18YM CRF450R – can put the extra power to effective use, its geometry and lower centre of gravity drive the rear tyre into the ground harder. This redesign will ensure the CRF250R achieves outstanding hole shot start acceleration and much greater engine performance.


The 18YM CRF250R DOHC engine is a clean sheet design and has been built with the focus on top-end power for acceleration and drive, plus improved over-rev corner-to-corner. The revised bore and stroke of 79 x 50.9mm, is a much more ‘over square’ layout, to allow the use of larger titanium valves. The inlet valves are fed – via PGM-FI with 46mm throttle bore – by symmetrical straight-shot downdraft intakes, which are shorter for improved high rpm snap. The new engine features twin exhaust ports, each of which has its own exhaust down pipe.

Compression ratio goes up slightly from 13.8:1 to 13.9:1 but the piston shape is now a Bridged Box design – the first on a Honda MX machine. Incorporated into the CRF250R’s new engine is an electric starter motor, replacing the kick-starter. Lithium-ion battery is compact and weighs just 0.65kg. Engine weight with the electric starter added is increased by just 1kg. A scavenge oil pump system reduces friction and ‘pumping’ losses at high rpm, by discharging oil and air in the crankcase and maintaining negative pressure.

The engine stop switch and Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) are incorporated into a small housing on the left side of the handlebar. Three maps are available to suit riding conditions and rider preference: Mode 1 (Standard), Mode 2 (Smooth) and Mode 3 (Aggressive). A small indicator light displays Mode selected.


The 18YM CRF250R employs the same frame and suspension setup as the current CRF450R, with the same basic aims; connect the rider to the terrain with superlative feedback and gain rear wheel grip and drive through a rearward shift in weight bias, tied to a lower centre of gravity.

The seventh-generation aluminium beam frame features tapered main spars with a carefully tuned balance between rigidity and flexibility, designed to deliver front-end stability plus a direct feel for traction.

Front forks are now 49mm Showa USD coil-spring, the same Showa kit fork supplied to MX race teams in the Japanese championship. The new 18YM CRF250R also shares the CRF450R’s 6.3L titanium fuel tank, which at 1039g weighs 513g less than the plastic design it replaces.


ENGINE TYPE: 249cc, liquid cooled, 4-stroke, 1-cyl, DOHC
BORE AND STOKE: 79 x 50.9
CARBURATION: PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
STARTER: Electric
CLUTCH: Wet multiplate
DRIVE: Chain


DIMENSIONS: 2,183mm x 827mm x 1,274mm (LxWxH)
WHEELBASE: 1,486mm
FUEL CAPACITY: 6.3 litres


FRONT TYRE: 80/100-21
REAR TYRE: 100/90-19


FRONT SUSPENSION: 49mm Showa coil-spring fork; 268mm travel
REAR SUSPENSION: Showa monoshock, Honda Pro-Link system; 317mm travel


FRONT BRAKE: 1x 260mm disc
REAR BRAKE: 1x 240mm disc